Temperaturemeasuring at any Location

Our GTM handheld gauges are available in three different versions.
In addition to the basic version P300 with permanently installed temperature sensors conforming to EN13485 (HACCP) and a maximum measuring range of + 200°C, we also have the highly accurate P400 / 410 process handheld measuring instruments with customer specific sensor design as well as a data interface RS232 to use a computer supported data logger function

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Performance Level “C”
HPL Pressure Sensors.
For a secure process.

According to the current European safety standard EN ISO 13849-1: 2008 (PL c / Cat. 1), a mass pressure sensor must be considered as a safety-relevant machine  component.
For this reason, we have provided  our technically proven mass pressure sensors with a potential-free  contact as a semiconductor relay output..

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