Due to current events, we are forced to publish the following statement

Declaration and affidavit

The advertising appearance of a company from China, Zhejiang Province prompts us to point out the following to our long-time business partners, serious competitors and interested parties:

Gräff GmbH, located in Troisdorf, Germany, is a German company in the field of innovative temperature systems operating internationally.

We are registered as a company at the register court/local court of Siegburg, Germany, registration number HRB 793, registered in this form since 24 August 1976. The object of the company is the production of thermocouples, resistance thermometers and connectors.

With an experience of more than 70 years in the development and production of industrial temperature measurement technology, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of temperature, measurement and control technology.

Founded in 1946 by Heinrich Gräff, the grandfather of today's managing partner Marion Hupperich, as a handicraft business in Troisdorf, Germany, the company continued to develop and – in 1964 – laid the foundation for the current product range with the production of temperature sensors. Today, with more than 60 years of experience, we are one of the leading suppliers in the field of temperature technology.

Here, we manufacture our high-quality products on more than 2500 sqm with the state-of-the-art machines and equipment. With more than 125 employees and a product portfolio of more than 5,000 different temperature sensors, we produce more than 20,000 possible variations at the German site in Troisdorf near Bonn, Germany.

With our professional competence, our know-how and our motivation, we fulfill all imaginable temperature – recording tasks from almost all branches of industry – with certified and tested products.

Every day, we solve highly complex tasks in the field of temperature, measurement and control technology for the plastics, pharmaceutical, food, raw materials processing, metal processing, furnace construction, waste management, automotive, plant and mechanical engineering, construction, glass and textile industries.

We cooperate with reputable national and international business partners.

However, no such business partner or any third party has any interest in or has acquired our business, not even partially. Nor are there any negotiations or considerations in this regard. We want to maintain our quality standards and our name as it is.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that attempts are being made via the Chinese market to use our name in confusion, to imitate our advertising appearance to the outside world and even to imitate our logo, which has been used for 12 years, to use it and to have it protected as supposedly our own creative design, at least on the Chinese territory.

The following company is commercially active in this regard:  Graeff (Jiaxing) Instrumentation Co., Ltd.           

        •              Alleged contact person: Graeff
        •              Phone: 400 616 0338
        •              Address: room 1306, building B,
        •              Xiuzhou Chamber of Commerce building,
        •              269 Xinping Road, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City,
        •              Zhejiang Province Post code: 314001
  • The design created and used by us, the logo, is also used :

Products or services from the area of our business activity are to be offered so that the impression can arise and, from our point of view, is to arise independent of our will that we are actually or legally connected with this company in any form, that we are involved in these offered products or services, that we agree with the offer or the products or services or are involved in them in any form or that there is a business relationship with us.

We expressly declare not to have any business or consensual legal or factual relationship with the company Gräff / Graeff (Jiaxing) Instrument Co Ltd, Zhejiang Province.

Products offered through this company do not originate from us and our intended distribution channel, therefore cannot originate from our production released and intended for distribution, they are not legitimized, licensed or qualified by us or permitted in any way.

We have been using our logo for 12 years, which is known to our business partners as a brand:

                                             Temperature, measurement and control technology

    Our business address is:  Bonner Straße 54, 53842 Troisdorf, Germany

    Our contact details are :   Phone.:     +49 (0)  2241 4907 - 0
                                                   Fax.:           +49 (0)  2241 4907 - 77


    With the signs, logos, trademarks used by the company Gräff / Graeff (Jiaxing) Instrument Co Ltd, Zhejiang Province, we have no actual or legal relationship, they are not legitimized, licensed or qualified by us or allowed in any way.

    Troisdorf, Germany, October, the 12th, 2021

    Marion Hupperich (CEO